When I was growing up it seemed like we learned about people living in homes, mobile homes or apartments and really that was about it. Of course, you would hear about family members living in the same home to share expenses, but it seems like recently people have been more creative about finding places to live. Living out of your van, RV or camper trailer has become a lot more popular but is it legal to randomly park your RV or trailer on a residential street in Texas? 

If you decide that you want to purchase an RV or trailer it is within your legal rights to create that as your residence. But if you plan on doing some traveling with your new residence are you allowed to park on a random street? According to RV Idiots, the answer to that question is also yes. Although there are some things you need to know if you are going to do this. 

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Rules for Parking Your RV or Camper on a Street in Texas 

While it is legal to park on a residential street, know that you will be bringing attention to yourself and your vehicle. So, to avoid annoying neighbors or having the police called you might want to move your vehicle every day. Also remember you are not allowed to block any fire hydrants, sidewalks, or rights-of-way. 

Texas Is One of the Best States to Live in an RV Full Time 

According to The Law Advisory, Texas is one of the friendliest states when it comes to living in an RV full time.  

After doing all this research, now I want to go travel. I guess first I should buy an RV or camper.  

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