Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT going to be attending Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. So, what's his plan?

In case somehow you're not familiar with him, Rittenhouse became newsworthy when, at 17-years-old, he left home in Illinois and traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Why did he do this?

Rittenhouse made the journey "in response to protests for shooting a black man by a white officer," ABC 7 reports. "Rittenhouse had said he wanted to help law enforcement protect property amid civil unrest."

As a result, Rittenhouse was accused of the shooting of two men with his rifle, who died from their wounds. He also injured a third. He would be announced "not guilty" by the end of his trial, which became highly covered by the media. He claimed he shot in self-defense.

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The outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial drew intense media attention with highly impassioned views on both sides of the argument.

And THAT is why the college plans of Rittenhouse remain of some interest to people.

It was last Friday when Rittenhouse was a guest on "The Charlie Kirk Show" and said he'd be going to A&M and further illustrated the revelation by putting on an A&M hat on the show. Rittenhouse told Kirk that he was "going to be there, and it's going to be awesome."

Except, Rittenhouse isn't going to A&M--at least not yet. 

He's actually going to be attending Blinn College--a two-year community college in Brenham. Granted, Blinn is known to have ties to A&M, and quite a few students plan to become Aggies after they leave.

This isn't the first time Rittenhouse has claimed he would be attending a school when that wasn't actually the case. ABC 7 reports that he'd claimed he was going to study nursing at Arizona State University "before a school spokesperson clarified he was not enrolled and had not gone through the admissions process."

However one feels about the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial, I don't find it necessarily surprising that he claimed he would be attending these schools. Young people change their minds all the time.

Here's the quick video if you're interested:

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