Model Robyn Lawley, considered "plus-size" spoke out last week in an essay for The Daily Beast, about the danger of teaching young women to covet the "thigh gap." Wondering what the fuss is all about? Keep reading.

Lawley describes how she has known about the 'thigh gap' since the early age of 12, and watched countless fashion models with unrealistic gaps between their upper legs.

Her take on body image has found her in the limelight, "People use me as a figurehead, and to me that misses the point and is blatantly offensive to thin women," she recently told the Guardian. "Curves don't epitomize a woman."

In other words, don't take your body image to an extreme in either direction. It's important to find a healthy weight for your body, and enjoy life.

As you may know I've been a weight-loss journey for most of my adult life. During my teen years my weight was like a roller coaster, soaring up and down with different fad diets. I was able to team up with a great group of people in Tyler who taught me about nutrition, and helped me to get the bulk of my weight off, and keep it off.

Now I'm trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by reaching my optimal weight. I'm excited, because I'm only about 7 pounds away from reaching my goal, and if my success rate continues - I will hit that by Thanksgiving.

One of the best lessons that I have learned in eating and living health in the past few years, is to accept myself. If we don't love ourselves, before we try to make healthy changes then subconsciously we will reject them.

Robyn loves her body, and she is comfortable with it. It's refreshing to hear. Watch Robyn on Ellen as she reacts to the "thigh gap" issue.