We're back to a routine, and the stress of back to school is here. Make 20 minutes today to de-stress and do this quick yoga flow to let it go.

That rhymed, but really that's a helpful way to remember it. Get in the flow, and let it go. Get out of your head and onto our mat, and feel the stress dissipate. Just let it go!

What I've learned through deepening my practice in yoga or the last few months, is that time on your mat is time out of your inner dialogue. We all need that escape. For those who struggle with meditation, yoga can be a great introduction.

When you're so focused on balancing your body, and moving with intention your mental focus is on your body and not your to-do list. This is so helpful. We can all set aside 20 minutes each day to do this. Find the time, and do this for you. Just flow... and let it go!

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