Texas got its fill of sleet and snow during the recent winter storm last week. Some in Houston, though, got a little more than sleet and snow falling from the sky.

It was "sleeting fish".

That's right, sleeting fish according to texashillcountry.com. So, how did this happen?

It is believed that strong winds from the winter storm picked up the fish from a nearby pond and later came down with the sleet and snow.

Click2houston.com reported that about ten neighbors in the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision also had fish land in their yard.

One of those neighbors, Holly Gard, posted video of the fallen fish on Facebook.

While an unusual occurrence, it has happened before. Last September, waterspouts off the coast of Tampico, Mexico picked up some fish and dropped them on residents during a rainstorm.

Now I guess the question is, what kind of fish and we can we eat them.

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