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  • End the streak in Texas
  • At least one person dies every day
  • Take control behind the wheel
  • Find out what causes most accidents in Texas

In a perfect world, every driver in Texas would arrive at their destination quickly and safely. Sadly with all of the digital distractions of modern life tagging along with us on every trip, that just isn't the case.

Drivers that want to arrive home with their vehicles intact have to contend with more issues on the roads than ever. Luckily, most of what it takes to survive on Texas roads is in your hands.

Drive like everyone on the road is out to get you. Just imagine everyone is driving while staring at their phone after one too many at the bar.

Pay More Attention To The Road To Make Up For Others

Highways and city streets continue to become more treacherous due to inattentive drivers. Self-driving cars might be the only way to keep our roads safe in the future.

Would you drive differently if every vehicle on the road was being driven by A.I.? You might instinctively be more worried about what the other cars are going to do, but it is exactly the opposite.

Driving on Texas roads is a privilege, not a right. If it were a right, we wouldn't be standing in line at the DMV getting a driver's license.

It takes two people to cause an accident, but only one to avoid it. Every single driver has to do their part behind the wheel to avoid these 10 causes of death on Texas roadways.

Top 10 causes of Death on Texas Roadways

We want you to drive carefully and arrive at your destination safe. But when on Texas roadways here are the top 10 causes of death.

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