A Drake fan's onstage bra toss is paying off in unexpected ways.

After Veronica Correia, 21, threw her bra onstage at Drake's Barclays Center show in Brooklyn in July, Playboy reached out to offer her a spot as a content creator.

"I know I can crush it and make meaningful income. Other Bunnies are making millions of dollars a year on Playboy, so I couldn’t be more excited to tap into that potential.  I will be posting exclusive content for my fans and subscribers that makes me feel confident and beautiful," Correia told the New York Post about the exciting opportunity.

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A viral video of the moment Correia tossed her size 36G stage on bra while Drake was performing shows the rapper sniffing the undergarment before asking the crowd to "Locate this woman!" once he reads the size on the tag.

The viral video has racked up over 12 million views as of publishing. Watch below:

After the moment went viral, Correia took to TikTok to confirm the bra belonged to her.

"ITS MEEEEE!!!! A lot of girls posting it's them, but this is not to get confused it's me," she captioned her footage, which shows a different angle of the moment.

"I lost my mind when he picked [the bra] up," Correia told TMZ about the moment. She also claimed Drake reacted to one of her Instagram Stories about the bra, and she liked his response.

Correia's Instagram following has grown to around 60,000 followers since the initial video went viral.

On Tuesday (July 25), Correia shared the message she received from Playboy's official Instagram account inviting her to become a content creator for the brand.

"Hi, Veronica! You’re gorgeous. We recently launched a new invitation-only Playboy app that gives creators the opportunity to earn by monetizing exclusive content similar to the ones you’re already posting on IG and TikTok. We would love to invite you to apply. Let me know once you’ve applied, and I’ll accept you right away," the message read.

"Thank you so much. I’ve applied and cannot wait to hear back," Correia replied.

According to the Post, Correia has a 2-year-old daughter and owns a coffee shop in Rhode Island.

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