This guy is taking Jeopardy to a whole new level.

James Holzhauer has changed the Jeopardy playing field in his short time on the show. The champion has now racked up $1 Million in 14 episodes. How is he doing it?

He's a gambler, truly. James is a Las Vegas gambler by profession, and he's approaching the way the games is played in a totally new way. He goes big first.

He's starting at the bottom of the board and choosing the more difficult questions first to obtain more money to gamble in his daily doubles. Then he either goes 'all in,' or he strategically places bets with numerical sequences of meaning to him.

I told you this guy is playing in a whole new way, right? Since his start on the show he's been breaking daily winning records, and is the fastest to win $1 Million on the trivia show. He now has the four single-highest totals in the show's history and now has and as of Tuesday's episode, he's racked up $1,061,554.

For comparison, the all-time earnings champion, Ken Jennings, had a 74 game winning streak which amounted to $2.5 Million. Holzhauer has done nearly half that in two weeks.

"He's thinking about the game in a whole different way, and I never would've had the stomach to make some of those bets he's making,'' Ken Jennings, a "Jeopardy!" legend, told Natalie Morales on TODAY last week.

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