The horrific treatment of a female dog resulted in a five year prison sentence for one East Texas man.

The Texarkana Texas Police Department posted an update to an animal cruelty case that sparked nationwide attention last November. LeGus Holloway received five years in prison for savagely beating a female pitt bull named Lady and breaking her leg.

In November 2017, a video (warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers) surfaced on social media showing an elderly man brutally beating a female dog named Lady. She suffered multiple wounds and at least one of her legs was broken, according to KSLA, and was taken to a local veterinary clinic for care.

The video sparked strong emotions across social media from animal lovers, calling for the man's arrest and for a change in animal cruelty laws like this one from, which to date has over 21k signatures.

The man, later identified as 79-year-old LeGus Holloway, was found and arrested for animal cruelty. At one point during the investigation, police issued a strict warning to those who posted threats toward the suspect on the police Facebook page.

Lady was sent to an animal rescue group in Austin that specializes in her breed, and Texarkana police say at last contact she was recovering well.

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