Now that we're half way through summer, fall is just around the corner and fashion magazines are betting on high profile stars to help them move their fall fashion editions that will be hitting grocery store check out lines in September.

Women's Wear Daily reports these magazines are plastering stars on the cover to move these issues that are packed with new looks for the upcoming fall season.  Vogue will have Lady Gaga on its cover promoting her new fragrance Fame.  In March of 2011, Katy Perry was on the cover of Elle magazine and that cover and edition ended up being the mags second best seller of the year.

Gwen Stefani is getting in the picture too.  No only does her band No Doubt have a new album coming out in September but she'll be appearing on the cover of Harper's BazaarJennifer Lopez will be helping InStyle move their September issue and hoping they have the same success as the last time she graced their cover, which ended up being the best seller of the year for them.

Marie Claire's best seller last year featured Miley Cyrus on the cover and they're going to the same well again for the September issue hoping to repeat it.

When it comes to women's fashion magazines, which one do you turn to for new looks, styles and trends?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.