Kellie Rasberry, a cast member on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, created a whirlwind of back-and-forth on the interwebs over her stance on gay marriage.

Kellie, one of the show's most popular cast members who never shies from voicing her opinion on pretty much anything, spoke against gay marriage -- which, in turn, incited a riot on her Facebook page.

Here are a few comments posted on Kellie's page:

You say that your heart breaks when a gay youth is 'bullied to death.' Yet, you go on-air and spout the same deadly ignorance that leads them to that desperate place in the first place. One can only be told that they're second-class citizens not worthy of full humanity and full civil rights before they believe it. I hope that you're ashamed of yourself, Kellie, and take this opportunity to get educated.

Your opinion was not innocuous, it was bigotry, and bigotry is social poison.

Just because you were raised ignorant don’t mean you have to remain so. People change, and it’s okay.

The windstorm of criticism has created some chaos on her Facebook since, with an obvious line between the people criticizing Kellie's view and those supporting her for speaking her opinion. "This is a free country and everyone has the right to their opinion AND to question that which they do not understand or are not sure about. I really don't understand why people have to hate those who don't agree with them," another person wrote.

It all prompted Kellie, who has been on Kidd Kraddick since 1994, to release a statement on her Facebook. In the statement she said her belief dates to how she was raised, and also that she had cried over many of the comments. Here's an excerpt:

Wow. A lot of anger on my Facebook wall this morning.

We discuss a lot of things on our show, and the subject of gay marriage came up. Some of you say I was wrong to have said anything and that I just should've kept my mouth shut. However, had I said I was all for gay marriage, you'd be the ones giving me virtual high-fives and thanking me for sticking my neck out there on such a controversial subject. So, I told the truth about how I felt about it. I stuck my neck out there and now it's like people are fighting over who gets to swing the hatchet.


I don't know the real intent of what seems to me to be an attack campaign being waged against me on Facebook. I can't tell if you want me to apologize, change my mind, quit, get fired, or kill myself...I also realize a lot of you didn't even hear the conversation yesterday. You just heard about it and then jumped on the "You're a hate-filled bigot!" bandwagon. If your intent was to hurt my feelings, then yes -- my feelings were hurt. Did I cry? Yes. A few of you made me cry. Let's be honest, some of the comments are kinda mean...But I know in my heart that I'm not coming from a hateful place. I wasn't looking to seize some opportunity to promote my anti-gay marriage agenda because I DON'T HAVE AN ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE AGENDA!

Was Kellie right to speak her mind, or is it an issue she should have been quiet about?

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