After finding the house of his dream, J-Si is doing it again, selling his home.

After trolling Zillow for some ideas on a couple of home improvements, J-Si and wife Kinsey found themselves putting a contract on a house after just going to look at it for inspiration for their current home. This house just spoke them and decided it was the one for them. They submitted an offer along with a letter to the current homeowner and it was enough for the owner to say, 'SOLD'.

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So now J-Si is in a predicament because he now has to sell his current house too. That means keeping the house spotless and no more cooking in the kitchen out of fear of smelling up the house because of potential showing or an open house event.

J-Si's been through all of this before. Back in 2016 while trying to sell his previous home, J-Si was caught in an awkward situation when he was at home while a potential buyer was walking through his home with a real estate agent. Find out what happened there in the following Throwback Thursday segment of the show, plus, Kellie has some great advice on how to sell your home...if you're Kellie Rasberry.

Listen to "J-Si's Awkward House Showing (2016)" on Spreaker.

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