Tomorrow more than fifty kids that suffer from a chronic or terminal illness will be boarding planes, along with their families, heading to the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World for the annual Kidd's Kids Trip.

This trip is a very special trip for these kids along with their families because if it wasn't for the generosity of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning listeners this trip would not happen for much of the trip participants. The trip is 100% paid for by the listeners of the morning show - everything is covered, airfare, hotel, meals, park passes, and souvenirs (including the famous Mickey Mouse ears!) Another exciting aspect about the trip is that the kids go on the trip with their parents and brothers and sisters too if they have them. Accompanying the kids will be a team of doctors and nurses too.

A lot of the kids will leave for the trip tomorrow after attending a red carpet send off from a hanger at Southwest Airlines at Love Field in Dallas. Southwest Airlines has a special Kidd's Kids designated plane that is outfitted with the Kidd's Kids logo that flies these kids and their families from Dallas to Orlando for them to have a great time. Tomorrow will kick off with a party like no other at the Southwest Airlines hanger. There will be games, celebrities, food, characters and a lot of people on hand cheering these kids on to have a great time for the next four days.

Friday and Monday will be very special shows for Kidd Kraddick in the Morning because they'll be broadcasting live from Walt Disney World. During these special shows, we'll be introduced to many of the kids and families and learn just what this trip means to the kids and to the parents as well. Just a word of warning right now, Friday and Monday's Kidd Kraddick in the Morning come with 'mascara alerts' because you will be shedding some tears and laughing too!

Working with the station and being a big supporter of Kidd's Kids, I along with Mandee Montana get the opportunity to attend the Kidd's Kids send off party in Dallas tomorrow. I look forward to this opportunity every year because it is a special time in these amazing kids' life.

You can follow along with all the Kidd's Kids trip happenings this weekend, just follow them on Twitter, like the on Facebook and check out the Kidd's Kids and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning websites anytime because the morning show will be uploading audio and video all weekend long.

Meet the East Texas children that will be headed to Walt Disney World tomorrow, Braely and Cade. Thanks to your generous support of Kidd's Kids this trip is made possible each year, you are truly appreciated and thanked not only from myself but from the staff and kids at Kidd's Kids!

During Kidd's Kid Day this year, Cade, who attends Andy Woods Elementary in Tyler stopped by our broadcast to share his excitement about this trip!