The city of Kilgore City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a ban on texting-while-driving inside the city limits.

Under the ordinance, dialing and talking while driving would still be okay.

But using a cell phone, laptop, or PDA to send a text, could cost you up to $200, if you're caught -according to

Interim Police Chief Roman Roberson says there haven't been any spikes in texting-related accidents, but, driving distracted is still a dangerous proposition.

Roberson admits that enforcement won't be easy. Officers, he says, will have to use their own judgment.

The city says don't expect to see any signs of warning near city limit signs/

By law, the public will have to be notified within ten days if it passes.

The acting Police Chief says the department plans to take 90 days to educate the public about the law, should it go into effect.

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