Ladies, would you feel empowered if you knew how to become your own bodyguard?

Think about it... in a stressful or dangerous situation, you are able to take control and defend yourself, this could be helpful! Learn these skills at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 19, at East Texas Krav Maga.

You'll need to purchase a ticket, bring your own water and snacks, and your carry device if you have one. You'll learn the craft of bodyguard principles. The course will focus on close threat proximity, creating a exit to a higher weapon system for their own protection and others.

According to the Facebook Event page, the tickets are $60 a person, and those women under 16 will need to contact for approval. Bring your unloaded handgun ONLY, or prior to class a trainer sidearm can be provided. All firearms will be checked in with safety officer upon arrival.

If you've ever been a threatening situation, then you know the value of what this class could offer you, confidence to defend yourself.

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