Are you scrambling to come up with a Halloween costume for Tuesday?

Here's a tip! Enlist the help of Google Trends and Frightgeist. A quick glance will tell you that Wonderwoman is your most popular costume nationally, so if you want to be on trend that's your best bet. Other popular options include Harley Quinn, a clown, a unicorn and a rabbit.

If originality is more your speed, then get help from the costume wizard. You can determine if you want something popular on a national or local level, whether or not your want to be scary, how unique you would like it to be and more.

The wizard will give you an option, and then allow you to look at various costumes that match, or give you the option to search again.

Too much for you? I guess you could always throw a sheet over you head and go as a ghost. Your decision. Happy Halloween.

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