From getting candid with Ellen DeGeneres to pummeling a car with a sledgehammer, it's been a very busy few months for Lindsay Lohan. The latest stop in her promo run for her self-titled OWN documentary series was 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (on April 8), where the actress called Oprah herself!

While we're insanely jealous that LL has Oprah on speed dial, we couldn't resist watching this convo go down. Letterman, who infamously had a standoff with the talk show queen, told Lindsay not to call Oprah. However, the actress worked up the audience into a chant until he caved.

After exchanging a few good-natured jokes with Oprah, Dave asked how she thought Lindsay was doing.

"I think she's doing okay," Oprah replied. "What do you think?"

The mogul went on to say she sincerely thinks Lindsay is doing well, especially considering that she's constantly under the scrutiny of the media. The actress was visibly moved by Oprah's words and even looked choked up as the talk show host defended her.

Check out the video above to hear the rest of the conversation, including what Oprah, Letterman and Lindsay all have in common!