Oh, that poor Lindsay Lohan. Just when it seems her life has gotten somewhat back on track, there's all manner of hoopla placing her at odds with her role in 'Scary Movie 5,' or compounding Amanda Bynes' recent auto troubles with a light fender-bender of her own. Now, however, the spotlight truly shines on the notoriously stroubled starlet, as Lifetime has released the first official trailer for Lohan's "comeback" release Elizabeth Taylor biopic 'Liz & Dick'! But who's under more scrutiny in the clip? Lohan or Taylor herself?

Lindsay Lohan apologists, your day is nigh. The first official trailer for Lifetime's forthcoming Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton biopic has arrived, full of all the fighting, fornicating, drinking and divorce you could ever hope for. Naturally, the trailer highlights the many scandals and paparazzi attention the infamous couple received, which doesn't hurt in its proximity to the similarly-scrutinized Lindsay Lohan.

Still, the stars look the parts, and the drama seems appropriately... dramatic. For those of you inclined to watch rather than simply gawk at the controversy, the film is scheduled to air on Lifetime November 3, 2012.

What say you? Do you still think Lindsay’s up to the task of playing the iconic Elizabeth Taylor?  Check out the below trailer and tell us if you’re interested in the film in the comments beneath!

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