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It's tradition and good sportsmanship after a little league baseball game for the players to cross the field single file and give the other team a high-five or handshake while saying 'good game', no matter the outcome of the game.

One Houston, Texas little league coach crossed the line when he got too aggressive with the opposing team of 9-year-olds while giving them high-fives after his team lost to them.

When you put your child on an organized sports team like little league baseball, you hope that it teaches them sportsmanship and team building and that it's about playing the game no matter what the outcome is. The purpose is to practice, play, learn, improve their skills and help them and their peers play at their best.

What you don't expect is an adult to act like a sore loser as this coach did at the end of the game. In a video posted on the Prospects Baseball Facebook page, you can see the opposing coach at the end of the high-five line seemingly and intentionally bumping into one of the players while being aggressive when it comes to giving high-fives to several of the other kids.

You can hear the players complain about how hard he was hitting their hand. The video has since gone viral and according to reports from KHOU the coach in question, Kenneth Wendt, is also a sergeant with the Harris County Precint 5 Constable's Office and has since been removed as a little league coach.

Parents of the Prospects team noticed this aggressive behavior and team coach Victor Torres tells KHOU, you'd expect that kind of behavior from players, but not the coaches. Torres was really upset over this coaches actions after learning about it.

The coach in question was from the Scorpions Baseball team and the organization released the following statement in regards to their coaches action,

His actions were unacceptable and do not align with our organization’s values. We removed him from coaching and from our club about 8:30 a.m. Sunday. (KHOU)

This incident is now being investigated by the Harris County Precinct 5 Constables Office. Adults should always be the leader and examples and never aggressive towards any child in a sports setting or otherwise.

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