Recently, a Tyler, Texas area woman shared her thoughts about a recent visit to one of the Tractor Supply Stores on an online social media group page.

And frankly, we hear so much bad news every single day, sharing stories like this that celebrate excellence in our East Texas workforce is like a breath of fresh air.

Tyler-area woman, Debby Brown, said she and one of her best friends stopped in to do some shopping at the Tractor Supply location on Highway 110 in Tyler. She said she and her friend were shopping from the clearance rack and noticed the shirts were all 50% off--including women's, men's, children's, and toddlers. Hey, in times like these that's already great enough, right?

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That's when her experience at Tractor Supply in Tyler, Texas got even better.

While Debby and her friend were shopping at the rack, an employee lady named Sammie came over and let them know that the shirts on the rack were an ADDITIONAL 50% off the tag. What a blessing, right? Plus, Debby said Sammie was just so courteous and helpful.

After that, Debby and her friend moved over to shopping on a more "miscellaneous" aisle at Tractor Supply, where she said they found lots of neat things she hadn't expected to find at a Tractor Supply location--and at great prices, too.

Before leaving the store with their purchases, Debby and her friend decided to stop by customer service to brag about the lovely lady who'd helped them during their trip. Debby said that's where she learned Sammie's name, but that the lady (Jenny) she was talking to about Sammie was very kind, as well. She posted online that she'll definitely be back.

A good reminder, actually. Like Debby, sometimes I forget how many different things one can find at our local Tractor Supply Stores--so much more than...well, tractor supplies. ;) And when you hear the employees are as kind and courteous as these two ladies? Well, even more of a reason to go.

Have you had any incredible customer service experiences in East Texas that you'd like to share? Send it over if you'd like to

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