The has been a year of financial trouble for Lon Morris College, and because of that, there are 138 employees who are still owed money.

But that could be resolved soon. If all goes according to plan, those employees could get there money just a few days before Christmas.

A news release sent out Wednesday says representatives of the Lon Morris bankruptcy estate want approval from a federal judge to distribute $130,000 to former employees who haven't been paid for about six weeks of work.

Lawyers have requested a hearing where they would present arguments about why those employees should be paid. If the hearing happens December 20th as requested, the money would be distributed the next day.

The auction of Lon Morris assets is still on for January 14th in Dallas, and it's not just little knick knacks. A news release says the auction will include dormitory buildings, about 50,000 square feet of lecture space, a gymnasium, and athletic fields. You can see the auction listing at