Ah Whataburger. We've all got our favorite items on the menu don't we? So much so that we even wish some menu items would come back!

But there's more to the menu than you think. There's even a secret menu that you may not know about. But enough about the current state of the menu.

What if Whataburger somehow made it so every individual could only pick 2 items to eat every time they visited? Not only that, they already narrowed down the items for you. Could you truly only take two items from the big orange eatery?

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Well, the first step is to look at what's been offered.

The Menu Items Up For Selection

Now, before we go any further, no this won't actually be happening. This is simply for fun of course. Now let's slide the choices to the middle of the table shall we?

Here they are:

Right off the bat, we can already tell this will be tough choice to just pick two. Who doesn't love a good Patty Melt from Whataburger? Some of us might not be able to go without a Breakfast Taquito now and again.

Here's the thing though, we'd absolutely love for the BBQ Bacon Burger to come back, some of us are salivating at the thought. But you've only got two choices, so what'll it be?

Let us know you selections by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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