I was minding my own business being nosy on the internets, when lo and behold, I heard they yanked the liquor license at the Electric Cowboy bar in Longview for violating the COVID-19 safety rules.

I am new to the Texas scene, so I've never ventured over to the Electric Cowboy, but I bet it's a fun place to hang out. The problem is, now that we've got coronavirus germs running amok, I don't like to go pretty much anywhere except the corner gas station and the grocery store. Sometimes I will run to Walgreens to grab a big bottle of cheap wine.

Speaking of wine, and liquor of any sort really, a lot of folks have been running over to the Electric Cowboy just to get out of the house and hang with their friends.

Enter the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, stage left.

They walked up in there at the Electric Cowboy bar (and five other Texas bars) and found violations of "The Rona". Bummer. Under the local Operation Safe Open rules, all bars in Texas must maintain a 50% customer capacity, and everybody in the joint must observe a 6-feet social distancing stance.

The website listed for the Electric Cowboy currently has the following message on the home page:

"Based on orders from government officials, we are TEMPORARILY CLOSED. We will update here and on our Facebook page as updates are available."

I sure hope the Electric Cowboy can reopen on Day 31 because  I know a lot of buddies in Longview who can't wait to go back.

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