I can't remember the last time I played the lottery. In fact, I think I've only ever played once because someone gave me a scratch-off ticket. I think I won $5. But now, I'm thinking it may be time to give it a go again.

Congratulations to Longview's newest millionaire! (Well, unless they were already were a millionaire.) Either way, I have a feeling this Longview resident is gonna have a much happier weekend.

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As you might imagine, the winner has opted to remain anonymous. Something about becoming flush with cash overnight--it tends to add a little extra stress to personal relationships.

The ticket was purchased at Super 1 Foods, located at 2301 W. Loop 281 in Longview.

Photo: Texas Lottery
Photo: Texas Lottery

The Longview News-Journal reports the winner "won the prize playing the Instant Millionaire game, according to information released Thursday by the Texas Lottery. The scratch-off game costs $20 per ticket."

Whew, that's a heckuva return on investment. ;)

And here's what even more mind blowing. This is NOT the first new millionaire created in Longview in a little more than a year's time. So next time you're considering playing, you may want to make sure you buy in this fortunate East Texas city.

In June of this year, a prize worth $3 million was claimed. The winnings came from another scratch-off ticket. LNJ reports this one was purchased at Murphy Express at 301 E. Loop 281.

And than on June 7, there was another HUGE win off of a Lotto Texas quick-pick purchased at EZ Bee49 on Eastman Road. According to the Texas Lottery ALL six numbers were matched which meant a win of $5 million.

Believe it or not, that prize has still not been claimed by the winner. Can you imagine?

There was another prize worth $5 million claimed by yet another Longview resident in September. This winner, too, chose to remain anonymous. (Wise person.)

That ticket was bought at Lil Tommy's Gas & Go at U.S. 259 and George Richey Road, reports Longview News-Journal.

Hmm. Anyone else feeling inspired to give it a go? ;) Congrats to all.

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