Longview residents really miss their favorite restaurants! A couple of weeks ago, I asked one of our Longview sales reps to tell me some of their favorite Longview restaurants that they missed, because we were talking recently about our favorite Tyler restaurants that are no longer around. Well, the Longview group came up with five they they missed the most and judging from the response on our Facebook page, there might have been one restaurant that shouldn't have been on there because a lot of you left comments that Ryan's Steaks and Buffet shouldn't have been on the list! Ok, ok we see your point!

Thanks to everyone that left comments on our Facebook page, here's an updated list of Longview restaurants that are missed by you! So this time if you see one you don't agree with, you have your fellow Longview constituents to blame and not us!!

The following are other Longview restaurants that are long gone and missed:

  • Waffle Shoppes of Texas - Spur 63 and Hwy. 80
  • Pancho's Mexican Buffet - Spur 63
  • Canton's - Marshall Ave. and Eastman Rd.
  • Monjuni's - Hwy. 80
  • Hamburger Factory - Alpine Rd.
  • El Chico - Marshall Ave and Longview Mall
  • SmashBurger - Eastman Rd.
  • Mr. Gatti's Pizza
  • Monterrey House - McCann Rd. and Marshall Ave.
  • Wyatt's Cafeteria - Loop 281
  • Sizzler Steak House - Judson Rd.
  • Steak and Ale
  • Hot Biscuit - Loop 281
  • Fazoli's - Judson Rd.
  • Shakey's Pizza - Cotton St.

There are a lot of restaurants on this list that you created from your comments and I'm pretty sure more of your favorites will unfortunately be added to this list sooner or later. One way to prevent that from happening is eating out at your favorites as often as you can! Thanks for your input, this list has been fun to create because growing up in Grand Prairie (in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex), I recognize a lot of these chains!

Monterrey House was located in downtown Grand Prairie and I remember the candy they used to have in the bottom of the chip basket, I also recall a Sizzler right down the street and eating at El Chico in Six Flags Mall, Pancho's Mexican buffet while working at Six Flags Over Texas and eating at Wyatt's Cafeteria at Forum 303 Mall as a young kid with my mom and grandmother. These were a lot of great places, but there are still many more out there still open too! Let's hope your favorite doesn't close down anytime soon!

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