I confess I have not, as of yet, had the courage to get the little tattoo I've pondered having eternally etched on my wrist or ankle. I've thought about it several times over the last few years. My interest has increased as I've become more familiar with the beautiful artistry available right here in East Texas. So, I'm pretty stoked to hear about the "Ink Masters Tattoo Expo" coming up this weekend, Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15, at Harvey Hall in Tyler.

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So, whether you've already been tattooed down to your very soul or if, like me, you'd like to explore the options, this is an ideal opportunity. (Please bring your masks.) There will be LIVE tattooing all throughout the weekend and you'll even have the chance to meet award-winning tattoo artists. Whatever your style, the options are vast. Looking for a simplistic black-and-grey look? Perhaps you'd like to explore a bold statement in vivid color. Traditional or realistic? Yeah, either way you're covered.

In addition to three days of tattooing, explore the variety of piercings and airbrush tattoos available for your perusal. In case you get hungry during your exploration, no worries, we hear food will be available. PLUS, they'll be giving away two tattoos every day of the event.

Tickets will only be available at the door and you'll need to pay cash. Get more general info and ticket info here.

Now, I guess I just need to start thinking about if I'm leaning more toward the ancient tree in black and white or if the panda I'd considered when I was a kid is still a good idea for a grown woman. ;)

And please...take safety precautions. We still have a pandemic going on in East Texas.

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