Get A Tat, Get A Raise
A New York real estate company wants employees to take up some real estate on their bodies in order to take up more real estate in their bank accounts.
Adding To Collection
Harry Styles of One Direction is an ink addict. The singer, recently split from Taylor Swift, has added to his ever-growing tattoo collection. His latest piece of art? A butterfly, smack dab in the middle of his chest, just below the nipples.
Mom Tattoos 11-Year-Old Daughter
Some species eat their young. In North Carolina, they just ink them.
Last month, the Havelock Police Department arrested Odessa Clay, 30, for giving her 11-year-old daughter a small, heart-shaped tattoo on her shoulder. Clay now faces one count of tattooing a person under the age of 18 because appare…
Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo
Demi Lovato has kept plenty of faith in her life over the past year, but now the 19-year-old singer and actress has a permanent reminder. Lovato took to her Twitter page Wednesday afternoon where she revealed a photo of her freshly tatted forearm with “faith” scrolled dow…
Kirstie Alley Gets A Tattoo
To commemorate the fall with partner Maks Chmerkovskiy on Monday night's Dancing With The Stars, Kirstie Alley gets a tattoo on her left wrist of the word "UNBROKEN".  She tweeted -
Party girl? not so much tonight...BUT I did get a tattoo and I love it....and I had fun...i…
Adam Levine’s New Tat
Adam Levine has a new tattoo.  The lead singer of Maroon 5 posted a pic of it on his Twitter page, which is a tribute to his mother.
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