It's something you don't hear about often - someone getting spit in the face by a llama - but it happened to me!

It all happened at Cherokee Trace Drive Thru Safari outside of Jacksonville last Saturday! This is one of my family's favorite destinations for a few reasons - the main one is to check out all the animals roaming in the open while other reasons are to see the beauty of the East Texas landscape and to get away from screens. You know, just watch nature.

This past Saturday we were feeling like a trip to the drive thru safari was in order because it was overcast, cool and we had nothing really better to do! I'm glad we went on this particular day because we got to experience the park like never before.

The animals were out and very active, something we hadn't experienced before while at Cherokee Trace. The kangaroos (the only animals in a fenced in area beside the alligators) were hopping from side to side and showing off their powerful tails to stand up on and watch as the Watusi casually strolled by. The Nilgai, Pere David Deer, buffalo, Whitetail Deer, Zebra and yak were among the most active animals in the safari. These animals were approaching nearly every car as food was being tossed out to them. We were also tossing food out to the camel, llamas, ostriches, donkeys and so much more.

Lucky Larry

At one point my truck was surrounded by so many animals I ran out of food and that's when it happened, a llama spit on me, IN THE FACE! I'm not sure why, but he probably thought I was teasing him and was upset he didn't receive any food from me! I was nearly out of food in the little brown bag and held it outside the truck window and dumped the small pieces on the ground outside and that's when he got upset I guess and decided to spit in my face!

Now I've never had anyone spit in my face and I don't want to experience it again! However, it was funny and it had everyone in my truck laughing hysterically! I believe the people in the truck behind me were even laughing! At that point there's nothing else you can do but laugh, after wiping your face of course!

Lucky Larry

We sat there for a while reliving what had happened and unfortunately of all the pics being taken at that exact moment, none had their lenses focused on me! We went on through the rest of the park continuing to laugh and soon after, the camel decided to stick his whole head in the truck to look for food too! He was unsuccessful, because we were out of food at that point. He should have asked the llama!

Needless to say I will remember the white and gray llama with ice blue eyes next time we head to Cherokee Trace and one of two things will happen - either I will have food for him next time or I'll roll my window up when I see him approaching my truck!

Lucky Larry