Ok, I did it, I jumped in on the Pokemon Go craze! I first heard about this yesterday morning from the morning show and had no idea of this new phenomenon. I was going to wait until my daughter wanted to download it and play it on my phone or her tablet, but curiosity got the best of me yesterday when I was walking through the sales office and two people were looking for this Pokemon character at the printer in the sales office! I realize then what was going on and decided I needed to get in on the ground level and pretty quick!

Once I downloaded it, I had Stewart video my first encounter and I played Pokemon Go for the first time!

There's a little bit of a learning curve involved! I've gotta brush up on just exactly what to do!

After explaining this game to my daughter she was all about it and wanted to play. I had to make a quick trip to Walmart and that's where she got to play for the first time capturing me two Pokemon in the store and another at the checkout. But the funniest sight was, while we were trying to capture one character a group of five people crossed our path and four of them had their phones out looking for Pokemon too!

One thing I have noticed about this game is that it sucks the life out of my battery rather quickly. On a typical day starting at 100% battery, I may use only 7 or 8% of my battery, well, last night when I went to charge it, my phone was down to 22%! If it's draining my battery that much and that quickly, I just wonder how much of my data is being used! Guess I'll be on the lookout for a warning text message from AT&T soon about going over my data limit!

When I go out for lunch today, I might just head to downtown or another high traffic location and see how many of these characters I can nab and then begin using them on level 5 apparently!

If you have any tips for me on how to play this game or how to aim the balls at the characters so I don't waste them and then what to do on level 5, I'm open to hearing them! Just leave them in the comment section below!

Remember, if you see 'LuckyLarry931' anywhere around you, it's me! Just play nice!  Oh, and at the time I write this, I'm on level 3!  With really no clue on how I got there thanks to my daughter playing it at Walmart!

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