Being the 2016 Miracle Child, Luke is full of energy and is described by his parents and others as being 'all boy'!

Luke's beginning wasn't like a typical newborn, Luke was born at 31 weeks gestation and admitted into the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at Christus Mother Frances Hospital and weighed in at 2 pounds 12 ounces and like other premie babies born this early he was about the size of a coconut.

Luke's mom and dad were on vacation when his mom Katie noticed she didn't feel right. Acting upon this instinct, she sought medical attention and was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, a life threatening pregnancy complication caused by high blood pressure during pregnancy. Diagnosed with this syndrome there is usually a 25% mortality rate among mothers and the only way to treat this condition is by giving birth.

Nurses in the NICU nicknamed Luke 'Mighty Mouse' because when he was born he was breathing on his own!

Luke enjoys to play t-ball, loves superheroes and enjoys playing with his older brother while wrestling with Rowen the dog!

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

Matthew Skinner, Luke's dad, is extremely thankful to East Texas because he and his son were able to spend time with Katie as she recovered from being in a coma for two days, but more importantly, they could see Luke at Christus Mother Frances Hospital in the NICU. Allowing the Skinner's access to their family and support system meant a lot to them. Without the NICU here in Tyler would have definitely meant that Luke would have had to have been transported to another CMN or children's hospital.

Your support of the Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network helps provide this level of care to East Texas families just like the Skinners. You can help continue this level of support by calling and making that one time pledge at 903-531-5437 or you can give the gift all year long by becoming a Mix Miracle Maker and give $20 a month for a year.

You can be the difference in the life of an East Texas child and their family.



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