One Longview, Texas man wants to make one of our East Texas cities a new Bluebonnet Capital in Texas.

And honestly, I'd love to see us all try this in Tyler, Kilgore, Lindale, Athens, and all over East Texas.

It's just so refreshing, isn't it? What a contrast to the ugliness we often hear about it in this world of ours. It's lovely to run across stories of people doing what they can to create more beauty.

There is so much we can do to amplify the beauty of our already gorgeous East Texas communities.

One of my favorite spots to visit right here in Texas is the Hill Country area. One of the primary reasons? The wildflowers in springtime. Truly stunning. Especially the bluebonnets. And after all, the bluebonnet is the official state flower of Texas.

So why not do what we can to grow some of these beauties here at home?

Sure, our soil is a bit different here than it is in the Hill Country area but we CAN grow them. We do see them from time to time.

One Longview man has decided it's worth the effort to give it a try. And I for one, applaud his efforts. If they do "take," that will just add to the already glorious beauty of spring in East Texas.

Eddy Boszor decided to order quite a bit of bluebonnet seeds from Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg, Texas. (Side note: If you've never been to this place, I recommend adding it to your quick stop list next time you take a road trip in that direction.)

Eddy has already spread some of these bluebonnet seeds in the past in various locations around Longview, Texas. Take a look at this photo he shared to see the specific sites.

Photo: Eddy Boszor
Photo: Eddy Boszor

Eddy said he'd "like to do the entire loop median as well as any major entrances into Longview." Lovely. :)

He also shared with me that if they "take" he'd like to continue doing this for many years.

Boszor said he realizes that our soil is different but that he's "trusting God for the growth. After all, they were his idea in the first place."

I was inspired when he went on to share his vision. He asked me to imagine how much more effective it would be if just 100 more people decided to plant some, too.

This idea wouldn't be unheard of--after all, we're already seeing our East Texas cities starting to set aside wildflower areas in designated areas.

If you're interested, Eddy shared the specific type he ordered and from

3228, Lot# 323845PL with a 98.10% purity
and a germination rate of 76%
Ordered from Wildseed Farms inc. 800-848-0078
1101 Campo Rosa Rd
Eagle Lake Tx. 77434
Warehouse bin # C213
SKU # 32283
$17.55 per 1/4 lb.

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