One of the things I loved most about our trip, was all the amazing art I was able to view in Paris, France.

This expansive museum is impossible to see in one day, and while I really love Art and Art History, I only had a limited time to take it all in. I decided to focus on the Denon Wing, and listened to an audio guide from a trusted source. I followed this guide through what he considered to be the 'highlights,' and soaked in an abunance of beauty and history in the short two hours we had alotted.

Before becoming a museum, The Louvre was home to French Royalty through Louis the XIII's reign. The official residence moved to Versaille under the reign of Louis XIV, "The Sun King."

Smaller than the Louvre, and more contemporary, the Orsay is home to works from Rodin, Manet, Van Gogh, and a statue of Liberty. If you enjoy Monet and Impressionism, this is one museum where you will find some of his most famous work.

Originally a train station, built in 1898. The station served many purposes before opening to the public as The Orsay Museum in 1986.

Home to Monet's Water Lilies, this small museum was so delightful. Much smaller than the Louvre and The Orsay, The Orangerie is filled with work from more contemporary masters. We saw works from Picasso, Monet, Renoir and Matisse. I also discovered an artist whose work, I didn't recall seeing before, Soutine.

When you walk into the two rooms where the Water Lily murals are housed, there is a sign asking for quiet. The room is treated like a sanctuary by most visitors, and for me was emotional stimulating. I was overwhelmed with the color, size and mood of the pieces. These beautiful works brought tears to my eyes. I was incredibly thankful the crowd was small, and the other visitors were quiet, and respectful of others.

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