Tyler didn't make the top ten, but many of the most common names for cities and towns in the U.S. are right here in Texas.  I bet you can name a bunch of them right now before you look at the list.

Ready?  The most common town name in America is Franklin.  I grew up in Nebraska not too far from a town named Franklin, and Texas has a Franklin too.  They're everywhere.

Each town that's named Franklin links its name to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, the author, politician, and inventor, in addition to being a diplomat and activist.  He wasn't controversial and he was important to U.S. history, and that apparently made his moniker a slam dunk for thirty places across the country that needed a name to put on their welcome signs.

Franklin, Texas is a city and county seat of Robertson County and has a population of 1,564.  It's north of College Station.

Texas has many of the town names that made the top ten.  Arlington is probably the biggest most recognizable, but we've got others.  Clinton, Texas is an unincorporated town in Hunt County.  Fairview sits over by McKinney and Allen in the DFW suburbs and Greenville isn't too far from that.  Georgetown is north of Austin.  And there's a Springfield in South Texas.

1. Franklin, 30

2. Fairview, 28

3. Clinton, 27

4. Madison, 23

5. Greenville, 23

6. Marion, 23

7. Salem, 22

8. Arlington, 21

9. Georgetown, 21

10. Springfield, 20

Waverly, Oakland, Chester, Burlington, and Clayton made the top twenty-five too.

I'm kind of surprised Tyler didn't make the list of common names, but maybe this means our name is more common for people than it is for towns.  And that's just fine with us.

Our East Texas town names may not be the most common, but we'll take a Van, Kilgore, Ben Wheeler, Troup, or an Arp over those commoners any day.  Unique is good.

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