When you go out to grab a bite to eat at a fast food joint or a casual sit-down restaurant in Dallas, they're banking on that you'll order something besides water to drink. That's because restaurants make quite a bit of money from soft drink, tea, and coffee sales and even more when it comes to mixed drinks from the bar.

While out to eat I have to have something besides water, but spending anywhere from $2.50 to $3.65 for a glass of tea or a soft drink is a bit outrageous to me, especially if I don't have the option of receiving a refill, like going through a drive-thru. I think I might be ok with it if 'shrinkflation' wasn't happening at the same time. The price goes up a bit but the size of the cup goes down a few ounces.

I guess I've been spoiled by the self-serve option while eating at a fast food joint for so many years. I can go back and get a refill anytime I want, but that looks to come to an end at McDonald's across Texas in the coming years.

McDonald's will be phasing out self-serve drink dispensers.

Some McDonald's locations have already taken the steps and removed self-serve drink machines from the dining rooms of their restaurants which had been an option since 2004. According to Marketplace, self-serve drink machines will be removed from all US locations by 2032.

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Customer dining habits have changed since the 2020 pandemic and the majority of McDonald's customers choose delivery or drive-thru service to get their meals. The company is trying to streamline its process and give a more consistent experience across all of its locations.

Whether you're 'Lovin' It' or not, change is coming.

Being a leader in the fast food community, it will be interesting to see if other major fast food companies will follow suit and remove the self-serve/refill machines from their dining rooms.

I would like to know your thoughts on this, are you going to miss the option to choose and fill your own drink cup at McDonald's? Email me your thoughts.

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