Nine year old Claire Godbold is a student at Wise Elementary in Chapel Hill who has Down Syndrome and is now having the time of her life with her family at Walt Disney World becasue Claire was selected as a Kidd's Kids year for 2017!

Sitting in her chair with her headphones on at the Kidd's Kids send off party at a private hangar at Southwest Airlines, her parents Heidii and Jason are so thankful for the opportunity that KiddNation has given them and their daughter and son. Jason says he would like to thank every single person who gave and has touched Kidd's Kids because of your generous support, you are helping bring a lot of memories not only to his family but a lot of other very deserving families too. A huge THANK YOU to you for your support of Kidd's Kids.

Now Claire is on the trip along with her seven year old little brother Jake! Before leaving for the trip the family answered some questions about the Kidd's Kids trip for the Kidd's Kids Foundation and here's what they had to say:

For each member of your party (particularly each child), please list their favorite animated Disney character or characters. Are there any special reasons why?

Claire - Goofy because "he is silly". Doc McStuffins - Claire wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She also loves Anna, Elsa and Sleeping Beauty because she "loves their heart." She had trouble choosing one. Jake - Donald Duck - Jake says he is "sassy like Claire." He loves anything Star Wars especially Luke Skywalker. Jason - Huey, Dewey and Louie because they were like me and my brothers growing up. Heidii - Princess Aurora because of her grace and beauty. Elsa and Anna because I lived in Norway as a child and have sisters who are precious to me. Of course, Mickey because he is the original.

Which Walt Disney World attractions are members of your party most looking forward to riding?

We bought a book when we found out, so they marked the pages they want to do. I listed a few, sorry. They are open to any. Claire - Dress like a princess, Dumbo, Toy Story, Race cars, Belle story time, Haunted Mansion, Tea cups, Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital, Seven Dwarfs Mine train, Roller coasters (all of them). She loves to do anything. Jake - Star Wars, Legos, Toy Story, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Race Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Mission Space, Nemo, imagination with Figment, Test track, Pandora - Avatar, Tough to be Bug, Dinosaurs, Kilimanjaro Safari, River Rapids. He loves to do anything. Jason - Expedition Everest and Test track (the boys say they are going to beat the girls). Miniature golfing with Jake. Heidii - Epcot countries, Tea party with Claire.

Which Walt Disney World Stage shows are members of your party most looking forward to seeing?

Claire - Doc McStuffins, Fireworks (will have to use headphones), Tea Party, Frozen Sing along, Beauty and the Beast, Santa. Jake - Star Wars Jedi Recruitment, Jedi Training, anything Star Wars, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt show, Fireworks, Parades, Electric lights, Jake Sparrow's pirate tutorial, Santa. Jason - Fireworks especially at Magic Kingdom, Fantasmic. Heidii - Fantasmic, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast

Do you, your Kidd’s Kid or any other members of your party have a favorite member of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show team? If so, why?

Claire - Big Al Mack!!! "Because he's funny.“ Jake - Big Al Mac!!! "Because he's funny and has cool cars.“ Jason – JC "Because he is a cool guy. Big Al is cool too because he has a car obsession.“ Heidii - Kellie Rasberry because I feel like we have the same thought process about life.

What do you think the most exciting part of the Kidd’s Kids Trip is going to be and why?

Getting to be with families that are similar to us. We are not alone and it is so important to know we all love the gift that we have.

What are your Kidd’s Kid’s special interests (for example: science, art, theatre, music)? Does he/she have any special goals?

Claire - Dance and Soccer. She loves sports and dance. She wants to be able to play soccer and dance with her peers. Jake - baseball and Robots. He loves science and art.

As a parent, what are some of the things that you are looking forward to seeing your child do while on the Kidd’s Kids trip, and why?

We just want to see the joy and wonder in their eyes and just be a kid. Claire would like to be a princess and meet Doc McStuffins. Claire is very competitive so watching her race is very fun.

If your Kidd’s Kid will be on the trip with his/her sibling(s), what are the siblings looking forward to the most? What special things could happen for them?

Jake loves Star Wars. Anything to do with Star Wars would be amazing for him. We want Jake to be a kid and not have to worry about taking care of Claire. He is so good at making sure she is ok and steps aside to let her be happy. His heart is so kind and loving.

Are there any attractions/shows that you (as a parent) want to make sure you see?

We would love to see fireworks, Doc McStuffins, Star Wars and Fantasmic.

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