Eleven year old Krystalin Simoneaux of Tyler will be having the time of her life this weekend with fifty other special kids on the Kidd's Kids trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL thanks to your generous support of Kidd's Kids. Krystalin has tricuspid atresia and has finally been selected as a Kidd's Kids after being previously nominated several times but had to withdraw her name from consideration due to her chronic illness. However, this year is quite different because this energetic eleven year old with headphones on is healthy enough to go on this trip of a lifetime.

Accompanying Krystalin is her her younger brother Michael along with mom and dad Pamela and Bryan. Speaking with Krystalin's mom Pamela, she said this would have been her daughter's last year to be considered for the trip and they are very thankful that they were selected and thankful for the support from you, the listener of Mix 93-1 and The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, for making this trip possible not only for her daughter but for her family as well. Pamela will continue to give of her time and money back to the charity that is going to bring her family a lot of joy by creating special jewelry and selling it and then giving the proceeds over to Kidd's Kids each year.

The family had to answer some questions about the trip from the Kidd's Kids Foundation and here's what they had to say:

For each member of your party (particularly each child), please list their favorite animated Disney character or characters. Are there any special reasons why?
Krystalin–Donald Duck because he is funny and Cinderella because she helps me with my princess roll.
Michael –Donald Duck.
Pamela –Mickey Mouse because I have always loved Fantasia and the idea that you can do anything. Also the Robinson’s because Keep Moving Forward is the motto in our family.

Which Walt Disney World attractions are members of your party most looking forward to riding?
Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, Space Mountain, Walt Disney World Railroad, and Fantasyland.

Which Walt Disney World Stage shows are members of your party most looking forward to seeing?
Meet Cinderella, the princesses, and Fantasy Hall, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate tutorial, Disney Festival of Fantasy parade, and meet Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Tea Party.

Do you, your Kidd’s Kid or any other members of your party have a favorite member of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show team? If so, why?
Krystalin and Pam love Kellie because she is as out spoken as my mom.
Michael likes Big Al because he has a dry sense of humor like him.

What do you think the most exciting part of the Kidd’s Kids Trip is going to be and why?
Just watching Michael and Krystalin get to be kids without me (Mom) worrying about germs, appointments, to do’s, etc. Having a full vacation without the worries of how and what’s going to be shorted to enable some fun. Watching Krystalin light up and the beauty of Walt Disney World. Watching my limited kid push her limits and just have fun!

What are your Kidd’s Kid’s special interests (for example: science, art, theatre, music)? Does he/she have any special goals?
She loves school. Her favorites are language arts and literature, but don’t let her fool you, she’s a theater major! She would like to work with Big Cats at the zoo, says maybe a Zoologist. She wants to be a volunteer at Tiger Creek this summer (if she’s well enough).

As a parent, what are some of the things that you are looking forward to seeing your child do while on the Kidd’s Kids trip, and why?
BE A KID. Not worry about upcoming medical appointments. She wants to see Animal Kingdom and the Big Cats if possible.

If your Kidd’s Kid will be on the trip with his/her sibling(s), what are the siblings looking forward to the most? What special things could happen for them?
Michael is looking forward to anything to do with Star Wars and he likes any and all water park adventures.

Are there any attractions/shows that you (as a parent) want to make sure you see?
Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Be sure to check out KiddNation all weekend long for updates on all the Kidd's Kids families and the great time they're having thanks to your generous support of Kidd's Kids.

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