While you were probably relaxing and enjoying the weekend, crime never sleeps and crime was definitely busy this past weekend in Kilgore as police shared details about a couple of incidents including the story of a "Thelma & Louise" who tried to run out of town after shoplifting and a video of theft on someone's porch.

Shoplifting Meth Heads Tried To Escape Town.

According to a post on their Facebook page, a couple of ladies who's names have been withheld at this time, got caught shoplifting and during their attempted escape, they ran over an employees foot causing pain. A customer who observed the crime followed them and called 911. Dispatch relayed the information to Patrol officers in the area who converged on "Thelma & Louise" who appeared to be speeding out of town.

The ladies had a little over 7 grams of meth in their possession.

Inside An Auckland Methaphetamine Lab
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Because they ran over the foot of an employee who was trying to stop the theft they've been charged with Robbery in addition to their felony possession charge. The wild thing is their arrest may have saved their life. Kilgore cops said that they have been conducting field testing on the confiscated meth and they are finding the presence of fentanyl which can be deadly.

Kilgore Cops Also Need Your Help Identifying This Guy.

Kilgore Police Department is seeking to identify the individual seen in this video making off with what seems to be lawn equipment, involved in a Burglary of a Habitation on September 10th on James St. If you have any information regarding this individual's identity, Please contact Detective Joshua Sims at 903-218-6907 or joshua.sims@cityofkilgore.com.

Kilgore Police Discussing Safety

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