Chelsea Handler ended her run on 'Chelsea Lately' last night the way only Chelsea Handler could: By bringing the world's most random assortment of A-list celebs to the stage to sing her goodbye.

We're talking artists from every conceivable genre of music, including Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus (who also performed her own cover of Roy Orbison's 'It's Over'), Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent (and the rest of G-Unit), Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Dave Grohl, Alanis Morrisette, Leann Rimes, Gerard Butler and countless others -- including non-musical celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Tim Allen, and Tim Gunn (among many).

"She can't go on, fakin' every day / That she cares about Kim and Kanye," Avril sang, as as Tim Gunn chimed in: "She is done with 'Teen Moms' and Justin Bieber, too."

And as for the chorus? "Goodbye to E! It's time to move on," the star-studded chorus belted. "She wants to sing, she wants to dance, and get her groove on."

Check out Chelsea Handler's star-studded farewell in the video above.

Note: The video of Miley Cyrus performing 'It's Over' has been removed from YouTube.

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