Are you planning to shop in the store, or online this weekend? Actually going to Broadway Square Mall, grabbing the item you want, and paying for it there without having to wait for UPS to bring it to you seems sort of nostalgic now. Die hard shoppers might argue it's the most fun way to obtain new things, but there is something quick and convenient about electronically adding to cart.

If you shop online, where in the house are you sitting? The toilet? I kid you not. Millions of Americans are participating in online shopping while sitting on the porcelain throne.

A new survey by CashStar, a digital gifting and incentives company, says 38 million online adult Americans admit to having shopped online while on the toilet. If you guessed men might be more inclined to do that, you are correct.

Almost 17 million have shopped via a mobile device while standing in the retailer’s physical store. I suppose the point is we CAN shop anywhere, so why not?

Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year is Monday, November 26th.

Oh, and did you hear that some retailers are calling Thanksgiving Day, "Gray Thursday?" Not a very appetizing color to go with the Thanksgiving turkey, but apparently the day has become a big gray area for the stores. Stores like Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy are opening Thursday night. Others are waiting until Friday at the crack of dawn to open the doors. The fuzzy lines make Thursday a gray day!

For those keeping track at home, we have Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday coming up in the next week. Are you worn out yet?