In the latest edition of Tid Bit News from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show we learn about a dog and some of his new friends.

Basically with Tid Bit News you're just gonna get the headline and maybe a few details of what's going on, because the cast doesn't really have time to go into all the details and sometimes all the other information is just useless!

When J-Si delivered today's Tid Bit News, he told us about a dog that went missing while going out to do his thing. Good news is he was reunited with his owners but was accompanied by a couple of new buddies he picked up along the way - another dog and a goat! The story kind of reminded some cast members of the recent movie 'A Dog's Way Home'.

J-Si gives you a few more details around the 2:37 mark in the audio clip below or you can catch the full version on People, but why would you do that?!

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