One Mom decided to share a video of her baby on TikTok in an effort to help other parents discern the earliest signs of autism in their child.

What made her decide to do this?

Well, of course, one might guess to raise awareness. Next month is National Autism Month. And so, why not do everything possible to make sure that children and adults with autism can live in a world that allows them to reach their full potential--which is vast.

Recently a mom on TikTok shared a video of her little girl Madison engaging in various everyday activities for a little person. She calls her "Maddy," for short.

In addition to watching the adorable little Maddy go throughout her day, you'll also see that her mom has used the video to illustrate some of the early signs of autism in children.

Why is it important to know the signs of autism in case you were to see them manifest in your child's behavior?

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Because knowledge can be power. It

By doing this, we help our kids grow up with the support they need to live a life that allows them to reach their potential.

My nephew is on the spectrum, having been diagnosed with a milder form of autism. So, I am somewhat familiar with these signs. Although every child is different.

Do you recognize any of these behaviors in your child? Take a look at the video below:

@oh_maddy Hope this video helps. #earlysignsofautism#autism#autismawareness#toddler#educate#share♬ original sound - OH MADDY!
If you're curious as to whether or not your child may be on the spectrum, talk with your medical professional. They'll be able to provide you with organizations (even locally) and tools to help you help your child reach their full potential and discover their unique gifts. 
There are also many incredible resources you can find online. Here are a couple of sites that may be helpful to you here and here.

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