While out shopping for Christmas presents and running from store to store, we're always trying to find the best parking spot in town! It happens, you see the best open spot in the parking lot and when you get there, there's a reason it's still open, because someone decided to park over the line not leaving you enough room to gain access to the best spot in town! It seems I'm seeing this more because I'm out more shopping for Christmas gifts, there's bad parking all over Tyler - and East Texas for that fact! I'm usually the type that parks pretty far away from the entrance because I feel like the few extra steps are doing my heart good and that I shouldn't put any more stress on myself because I can't get my truck into a tight parking spot because someone's over the line! Especially like the parking lot at Rice Rd. and Broadway that has Jason's Deli, Simply Mac, Ross and others. This parking lot has got to have some of the smallest parking spaces in East Texas!

As I've been out and about I've snapped some pics of some pretty bad parking jobs that I've seen lately? These were taken all over Tyler, if you have noticed an place in town where it happens more often, let me know where it is by commenting in the comment section below.

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