As the outside temperature warms up, the local pool looks more and more enticing everyday.  I think we may already be passed the point where you stare at the glistening surface and wonder if the water beneath it is still too cold for a dip.  Very soon, the brutal Louisiana sun will practically be shoving you into the pool and begging you to yell "Cannonball!"  However, a new report from the Water Quality and Health Council could make you hesitate a bit before taking the plunge.  Their survey shows that more than half of all American pool-goers basically use the concrete pond for a makeshift bathtub.

The biggest violators of this unspoken law are fitness folks who sweat it out then opt for a dip in the pool before, or instead of, the shower.  The proper order is, of course: Workout, a rigorous and thorough rinse, then pool, and finally - shower.

If you're thinking that the pool's filtering system and chlorine disinfectant should be able to take care of a little sweat, you're right and wrong.  There simply isn't enough free chlorine to take care of your nastiness and the naturally occurring microorganisms that appear in pools.  Adding more chlorine to the mix would make it less than healthy for swimmers skin and eyes, so that's not an option either.  Plus, close to 40% of Americans admit to peeing in the pool.  You know what that means?  60% of Americans are lying.

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