A Texas city recently named the 2nd loudest in America tops the list for reported UFO sightings.

They may be number 2 when it comes to loudness but this Texas city is numero uno when it comes to unidentified flying objects. (UFO's)

They hold the number one spot population wise too with 2,264,876 potential UFO spotters.

Houston, Texas has had more reported UFO sightings than any other city in Texas with 416.

Austin is in 2nd place with 338, San Antonio has 270 on the books while Dallas claims 227. El Paso had 128.

Overall, Texas reported 5,862 sightings between 1949 and 2022 putting the lone star state in 4th place behind California, (15,562), Florida, (7,870) and Washington. (6,932)

UFO's have been all over the news this year with America's military having actually shot down 4 UFO's in one week last February. Or, as officials put it, they took "kinetic action against an airborne object".

The sightings included all kinds of different types of "aircraft" including discs and unexplained lights.

When it comes to mystery lights, Texas seems to be especially fond of those.

3 different Texas cities, (Marfa, Anson and Saratoga), are known for their ghostly lights.

As for the UFO's, Roswell, New Mexico ... sight of the famous UFO crash in 1947 ... has made a fortune playing off their UFO connection.

I wonder if Houston will try and do the same thing. They have plenty of skyscrapers they could plan UFO watch parties atop.

Houston's beaches would make good places too since they're farther away from all the light pollution. For that matter, they could arrange boat trips to head out to sea and totally escape the light pollution issues.

Area 51 Celebration In Las Vegas
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Houston's home to the Johnson Space Center, maybe they could design a "UFO" and put on shows. Of course, the aliens may want a cut. Or be offended at the way they're portrayed.

In todays overly litigious society, I can totally see our first, genuine contact with alien life forms coming by way of a cease and desist letter.

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