I remember that time I got laid off my job and had to rely on unemployment assistance to make it through those next few months until I was able to get a job. It was rough as HECK!

Fortunately for me, I was able to get Worker Retraining funds during those harsh months and they paid for me to go to college to get some new skills. I was asked to look through the list of available in-demand industry fields and select the one I felt most likely to prosper in.

I so was torn between choosing a new career in public relations, real estate, and early childhood education. When I made my final decision and signed the legal documents to get me enrolled at the local community college, I felt like Ariel in Disney's A Little Mermaid. You know, that one scene where she is signing the contract and Ursula is yelling, "SING!"

That was me.

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I can also remember the time I used a temp agency to get a job. The first great job I found through a temp agency was working as a secretary. The boss was hella old school--he made me use a typewriter from the 1970s and I had to know how to use correction tape and he demanded that I type a bunch of words a minute without making any mistakes. I didn't last long at that job, but it sure was fun to get my "Mad Men" secretary on!

The second great job that I got whilst working at a temp agency was for a nationwide insurance company. I started off in some backroom that they stuffed with other temps. Our job was strictly data entry and it was tough, but I excelled at it and was eventually hired on as a permanent employee! I thought I was the STUFF! My new permanent job paid very well and I was able to move out of my parents' home, get my own place in downtown Nashville, TN! That was a great job while it lasted.

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