While I had teachers that encouraged me to read when I was younger I didn’t get into it until I was older in life. I should have spent more time finding books I wanted to read because it can be so much fun and relaxing to find a great book that you don’t want to put down. Which is why I think it is fantastic that there is a new ‘little free library’ that is now available for everyone at Tyler State Park in Tyler, Texas. 

If you’re not exactly familiar with what that is, it’s a very simple concept. It’s a free community-owned book exchange that is open to anyone who enjoys reading or wants to share a book that they love with others. If you take a book you are asked to leave one for others so there are always books available at the Little Free Library.  

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Where is the Little Free Library Located at Tyler State Park? 

You can find the new little free library at the entrance to the Big Pine Campgrounds. The Little Free Library was put in place by Texas Parks and Wildlife and will help people enjoy the park even more.  

What Kind of Books Will You Find at the Little Free Library? 

If you’re planning on leaving a book at the little free library please make sure it is clean, family friendly, and only gently used. Please remember kids could be looking at these books.  

Grab a book, read outdoors, you’ll love it! 

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