Is there a better way to spend four minutes and counting them by getting a guided tour of what it takes to put on a NKOTB show? No, there isn't! Well, unless you're Aaron Carter, but we'll let that one go.

The video, set to 'The Whisper,' is comprised of clips of the band prepping for a show from beginning to end. They rehearse, learn stage moves, hang out, eat, meets fans, sort through production and take the stage, among other things.

It starts from load in (in black and white), follows them onstage (in color), and wraps when they walk off the stage (back to black and white).

It's a true day in the life.

Witness plenty of Donnie Wahlberg's pelvic thrusts; Jordan Knight's dynamite smile; Danny Wood's dance moves; Jonathan Knight noshing on food; and Joe McIntyre's baby blues.

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