The National Weather Service has now confirmed a total of seven tornadoes from last weekend that touched down in East Texas.

The storm system moved through Friday night into early Saturday morning, January 10th and 11th. Along with the 7 tornadoes, there was extensive straight-line wind damage reports all across East Texas.

The first tornado touched down just north of Rusk in Cherokee county. It was just after 11:20 pm when the tornado touched down, carving a path just under a mile long. It was 75 yards at its widest and had peak winds around 105 mph. This gives this tornado an EF-1 rating. It was only on the ground for one minute.

The second tornado struck near Nacogdoches. This tornado was also an EF-1 with peak winds around 100 mph. It was on the ground from 11:33 pm until 11:36 pm. This tornado left one person dead and another injured.

A third tornado touched down near Tatum in Panola County. This tornado was an EF-1 with peak winds at around 110 mph. This tornado was only on the ground for one minute.

Another tornado hit in the Karnack area, which is in Harrison County. This tornado was an EF-0 with the strongest winds around 85 mph. It was on the ground for 3 minutes, touching down at 12:30 am on the 11th.

The fifth tornado was an EF-1 that touched down near Center in Shelby County. This tornado had peak winds around 100 mph and carved a path over 6 miles long for 10 minutes. This was a larger tornado, scarring a path 400 yards wide at its widest point. One person was injured as a result of this tornado.

The National Weather Service confirmed two more tornadoes Thursday evening. One near Mount Enterprise in Rusk County, another north of Pollok in Angelina County. Both of those tornadoes were EF-1's.

This storm also produced more tornadoes in Louisiana as it moved off to the east.

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