Over my dead body!

Back in February, I let you know about this bad ass mural that went up in Arlington, Texas. As we all know, Arlington is home to the Texas Rangers and back in 2016, a very important moment happened in Texas Rangers history. Roughned Odor did what everyone in Major League Baseball has wanted to do to Jose Bautista for years, clock him in his f***ing jaw.

Video of the Infamous Punch

Although Odor does not have numbers to be in the Texas Ranger hall of fame, he will be remembered forever in Arlington for giving this jerk what he deserved. Thanks to a local artist, this moment lives on to this day in Arlington. Located at 611 W Park Row Dr in Arlington sits this beautiful mural.

"The Punch" in Mural Form

I actually contacted the artist Danny Velaquez to make sure it was cool I used his art in his story. I follow him on Instagram and see updates that he's doing from time to time in recent months. However this week, Danny got some really bad news.

The City of Arlington Sucks!

As with anything in life, city code enforcement is being a bunch of assholes. Apparently the city of Arlington only allows murals within downtown or the entertainment district. This mural is just outside of downtown city limits. Danny got word on Monday he would have to take it down, which is a bunch of crap. Danny quickly got in contact with folks with higher power than code enforcement and good news came from the Mayor of Arlington.

So shout out to Mayor Jim Ross, you have my vote (even though I don't live in Arlington). Danny thinks he found the code enforcement officer that called this in.

Danny says his goal is to now get the City of Arlington to change their policy on murals. He says if the building owner approves the mural, the city should have no problem in one going up. Which Danny did get permission from the restaurant owner before putting up 'the punch'. So f*** you code enforcement, you lost this one!

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