With expansion likely happening in a few years, the idea has been thrown around for another baseball team in Texas. Where would they go?

MLB Commissioner Wants Two More Teams in the League

Last week, Rob Manfred said that he will be stepping down in 2029 from his position as commissioner. Before he goes though, he wants to add two more teams to Major League Baseball. Of course the rumor mill started going around and ESPN believes it is between 10 teams and one of the ones mentioned is right here in Texas.

Baseball in Austin, Texas?!

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We all would have guessed San Antonio, right? They're the only other major city with a professional sports team in Texas without a MLB team. Granted, San Antonio is only home to the Spurs, but the city has definitely embraced them over several decades at this point. This would be the first major league team in Austin, Texas (soccer does not count, I live in America).

The Austin Bats?

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ESPN believes a good nickname for the team would be the Bats. Since Austin has that huge bat population that lives under the Congress Avenue Bridge. They believe a good potential stadium site would be east of downtown Austin. Land is available around where the new Tesla headquarters is located.

Favorite Cities to Land MLB Teams?

Although Austin is in the running for this new Major League Baseball team. They're not the favorites to land the new expansion teams. Many believe Salt Lake City, Utah and Nashville, Tennessee are the most likely candidates for expansion. We will wait and see what the future holds.

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